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  • We require Dealers for solar Charge controllers, solar freezer, Solar street light, solar home light systems.

  • The following attributes have made “CSB TECH” – a trusted partner for Green Energy Solutions. Over 22 years of experience in energy & powering conditioning systems (UPS) – Gained through strong leverage of experience, technology and expertise from UPS and Power Quality systems’ business. Strong technical and financial capability to support large scale utility grade operations – CSB TECH demonstrates its ability to implement Solar Power Projects for Industries, Commercial, Healthcare, Government and Education sectors starting from KW capacity to Multi-Megawatt projects across India. Demonstrated experience in implementing small rooftop systems to commercial and industrial systems. A Complete Solar Systems Company (from Components to MW projects) – CSB TECH Provides High Quality - High Efficiency Solar PV modules in various capacities with International Certification and compliance to IEC Standards. CSB TECH also offers a complete range of Solar PCUs, Mounting Systems as part of the BoS (Balance of Systems) manufactured by well known companies . Excellent after-sales service – Our strength lies in our team which has over three decades of experience with excellent after-sales service demonstrated through nation-wide dealer presence in India.

  • - Minimum QTY, Required 10 Nos. - Order value not less than 25000/-