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No.252-262, S.M.Rao, Variety Hall Road, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641001

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Rs 30 mn
We from Amar Electronics are having pleasure in introducing our self as leading Distributors of Industrial Electronics components. Established in the year 1998, Amar Electronics is a team Of Highly Energetic Technology Geeks Who Got Together and Got Organized. We are professionals in the field of Electronics components. Our Interest in non franchised distribution is to focus on OEM’s and CEM’s who wish to explore and get the best out of the open markets as a balance to standard pricing, availabilities and lead time from franchised distributors and manufacturers. We get to know about the happenings and latest developments world wide .We have both infra structure and physical capability to support and meet any limit your order may demand. We further believe in working as partners rather than just a supplier, while you concentrate on growing your business! we have the resources and technical expertise to understand your requirements and execute your orders timely and efficiently. We anticipate to Be at your Service!. Our Specialization: We specialize in Telecommunication, Power, Automobile, Industrial Automation Electronics, Medical and Defense sectors and support all your demand for Mil-grade as well as general purpose Electronic Components for both regular and obsolete parts. Vision Statement: To become a Reliable and Most Trusted -source for all the OEMs and CEMs located in the Indian Sub Continent. Mission Statement:. To provide Quality products, Best price, and Excellent services To our customer’s expectations, By Identifying, Understanding , And Adapting the Outstanding practices and Processes From Organizations Anywhere in The world Of Business . Quality Policy: Strict And never Compromise on product performance Examinations. To empower all our employees to implement, and improve our services to meet Customer Expectations . Our Goal : Shorten the process of purchasing , minimize the cost and maximize performance .

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Inductors, Fixed | Potentiometers, Carbon Track | Power Supplies, AC/DC

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Address: No.252-262, S.M.Rao, Variety Hall Road, City: Coimbatore State: Tamil Nadu Pincode: 641001 Mobile Click Here To View Phone Number

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Inductors, Fixed

Potentiometers, Carbon Track

Power Supplies, AC/DC