Control Technoaids Electronics(I) Pvt. Ltd

605 Anushka Tower, Garg Trade Centre, Sector - 11, Rohini, New Delhi, Delhi 110085

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Control Technoaids was established to provide necessary aids to Indian Industry in the area of Control. It is our objective to be the supplier of highest quality products with the best worldwide cost. Control Technoaids is fully Customer Focused. We closely work with OEMs to : Analyze Specific Needs Offer most appropriate product Cost Effectiveness Fast response and Deliveries We represent Cosel, Japan and Emerson Network power . Both are leading manufacturers of Switching Power Converters (AC-DC and DC-DC) world over. We cater the power supply requirements for a diverse range of applications in a variety of industries including telecommunications, networking, computing, office systems, medical process control, test and instrumentations. We offer single, multiple output power converters from 1Watt to 4KW for varied applications. As Control aids we offer Cooling fans for Electronics and Signal isolators for control applications.

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Address: 605 Anushka Tower, Garg Trade Centre, Sector - 11, Rohini, City: New Delhi State: Delhi Pincode: 110085 Mobile Click Here To View Phone Number

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