Gaurav Enterprises

Shop No.18, Old Hanuman Building, Ground Floor, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400007

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Gaurav Enterprises specializes in trading activity for Electronic market, trade in Surface Mount Devices (SMD) and Components viz. Circuits, Chips, Transistors and Diodes. Gaurav Enterprises is a young and ambitious trading company having more than 25 years of experience with the Electronic market. Gaurav Enterprises is well introduced in the Electronic market locally as well as in the international market. Being a genuine trader, Gaurav Enterprises finds pride in being able to offer almost any thinkable SMD products. Mr. Raju Shah(Chheda) and Mr. Lalit Shah are Chairpersons of Gaurav Enterprises having a rich experience of trading and exhaustive knowledge of Electronic Components. Apart from technically sound in Electronics they are an ace businessman having excellent track record of doing business under Indian market conditions and are expertised in hard to find any types of Components. With a dearth of electronic component manufacturers in India due to the high risks involved, manufacturers desperately require high quality products which are well suited to their processes. Gaurav Enterprises deals in all types of electronic components which are imported from reputed vendors across the globe. With several European & Asian countries instituting strict measures for the sake of safety, health and environmental concerns, overall quality of such components has improved. Gaurav Enterprises is a reputed trader, importer and supplier of Surface Mount Devices (SMD) and Components viz. Circuits {SMD & LEADED (DIP)}, Transistors (SMD & LEADED) and Diodes (SMD & LEADED), Capacitors, Chip Capacitors (Size 0805, 1206, 0603, 0402,) Chip Electrolytic Capacitor, Chip Tantalum, Diodes & Mosfets like Zener Diodes, etc. We specialize in the area of providing the most sophisticated Surface Mount Devices (SMD) and Components. Our products find wide application in industrial, electronic and related products. Since 1988, we have been consistently providing a range of high quality products to our clients. Being a highly experienced concern, we are able to readily deliver in accordance with customer expectations, and within the stipulated time frames. For client satisfaction, we have made room for highly customized products along with providing the most difficult to find products. We have charted out an ambitious growth plan for ourselves, and aim to expand our network in the coming future. Why Us? A wide range of quality products at the most competitive rates Specially imported and other scarce products Favourable location with access to prime transportation facilities Adequate warehousing facilities with ample stock of products.

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Address: Shop No.18, Old Hanuman Building, Ground Floor, City: Mumbai State: Maharashtra Pincode: 400007 Mobile Click Here To View Phone Number

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