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#2926, Ground Floor, 14th Cross, K.R. Road, Banashankari, IInd Stage, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560070

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Rs 18 mn
We at Manasi Technologies are a team of dedicated professionals catering to the rising needs of active and passive Electronic Components and Connectors in India. Our strength lies in years of experience and good knowledge in sourcing components from the latest to the most obsolete parts and from commercial to mil graded components from across the globe in the shortest period of time. Our range covers almost 40 million parts in stock with our associates and us from across the globe and brought to our customers in India through our services. We assure our customers total satisfaction by matching their needs in deliveries, quality as well as in economics when sourcing for their requirements. About Us Top At the onset we would like to introduce our company M/s. Manasi Technologies located at Banshankari 2nd Stage, Bangalore, as Importers and Distributors of Electronic Components and Connectors. We commenced operations in the Year 1995 under the name of M/s. Sansi Impex Inc., which developed slowly and steadily to make a name for itself in the field of supplying Industrial Electronic Components. Manasi Technologies was established in the Year 2005 under the able guidance of our parent concern M/s. Sansi Impex Inc., primarily to cater to the needs of customers who require MODVAT/CENVAT billing. Since our inception, we have made major strides in the process of procurement of Industrial Electronic Components directly from principle manufacturers and company authorized stockists / distributors. Principles Top JOYIN CO., LTD. (TAIWAN) Established in the Year 1984, the company specializes in the manufacture of Metal Oxide Varistors (M.O.V.’s) and N.T.C.-Thermistors Entire Range of JVR Zinc Oxide Varistor: Varistor Voltage from 18V to 1100V and Diameter 5mm to 20mm Entire Range of JNR Thermistor: Resistance Range 0.7E to 220E and Diameter 8mm to 20mm WEBSITE: www.joyin.com.tw APPROVALS: UL, CSA, YOUNG YAK ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. (TAIWAN) (YY) Established in the Year 1990, the company specializes in the manufacture of CONNECTORS Entire Range of Connector Housings, Headers (1mm to 12mm) and Crimp Terminals Includes CPU-Power mate (3.96mm Pitch) and Relimate (2.54mm) Connectors WEBSITE: www.youngyak.com.tw APPROVALS: ISO 9001-2000, UL, CSA UNI ROYAL ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY CO., LTD. (UNI-OHMS) Established in the Year 1978 at Hsinchu, Taiwan the company enjoys monopoly in the supply of RESISTOR NETWORKS Entire Range of NETWORKS-SIP with Resistance Value 10E to 1M, 4 Pin to 14 Pin and Single Common Type and Isolated type WEBSITE: www.uni-ohm.com APPROVALS: ISO 14001, QS 9000 AVX- A KYOCERA GROUP COMPANY A leading worldwide manufacturer and supplier of Electronic Components specializing in the field of TANTALUM and CERAMIC Capacitors Entire Range of Leaded and Surface Mount TANTALUM and CERAMIC Capacitors WEBSITE: www.avxcorp.com APPROVALS: ISO 9001-2000 D.C. COMPONENTS CO., LTD. DC Components Co., Ltd. is a world leading professional manufacturer, dedicated to developing, producing and marketing a full range of diodes and bridge rectifiers. Includes the fast moving 4007, 5408 and other Diode Rectifiers WEBSITE: www.dccomponents.com APPROVALS: ISO 9002, UL YAGEO CORPORATION (TAIWAN) Established in the Year 1977 Yageo Corporation is a world leader in the supply of passive component products and services. Entire Range of SMD Capacitors and Resistors Includes the products of PHICOMP as well WEBSITE: www.yageo.com APPROVALS: UL SEA and LAND INTEGRATED CORPORATION (TAIWAN) Established in the Year 1999, the Electronics Unit is a division of Sea and Land Integrated Corp. Involved in the manufacture of Radial, High Voltage, Axial Lead and Surface Mount P.T.C’s- (POSITIVE TEMPERATURE CO-EFFICIENTS) WEBSITE: www.sea-land.com.tw APPROVALS: UL, CSA, TUV SHOULDER ELECTRONICS LTD. CHINA Since 1994, Shoulder Electronics has been specializing in the RandD and manufacture of piezo components Product Range covers SAW filters and resonators, multi layer dielectric filters, ceramic filters and resonators, crystals and oscillators. Also on offer is one of the most extensive ranges of SAW, crystal and ceramic components available from a single manufacturer in Mainland China. WEBSITE: www.shoulder.cn APPROVALS: ISO 9001-2000 RELIANCE ELECTRONICS, PUNE Reliance Electronics was established in 1967. The current range of manufacturing covers various rating and specifications required by Indian Market. • Quick Acting - Glass Body/ Ceramic Body - Cartridge Fuses. • Slow Blow - Glass Body/ Ceramic Body - Cartridge Fuses. • Micro Fuses with Leads. • Auto Fuses for two and three Wheelers. • Blade Fuses for four wheelers. WEBSITE: www.relianceelectronics.com APPROVALS: C-DOT, ERTL AND MANY OTHER LEADING LABORATORIES SUCH AS PHILIPS, BEL ETC MEGA ELECTRONICS CO., MYSORE Established in 1985.Manufacturers of "MEGA" Wire wound Resistors, Shunts, and Allied products. WEBSITE: www.megaresistor.com APPROVALS: ETDC AS PER J.S.S SPECIFICATIONS. SALZER ELECTRONICS LTD Established in the Year 1985. Manufacturers of High Quality Relays. WEBSITE: www.salzergroup.net/Relays.htm

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Address: #2926, Ground Floor, 14th Cross, K.R. Road, Banashankari, IInd Stage, City: Bengaluru State: Karnataka Pincode: 560070 Mobile Click Here To View Phone Number

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