Metrocomp India Private Limited

26, 2nd Floor, 2nd Cross Chairman Layout, Banaswadi Main Rd, Kalyan Nagar Post, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560043

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Since 1996, the Metrocomp Group has provided a fast-track stock location, and procurement service. We rapidly source allocated, obsolete, hard to find, and long lead time devices. Using the latest IT infrastructure, and operating virtually 24 hours we try harder than anyone to solve your problems. Offering quality assured components, delivered rapidly at globally competitive prices and high customer involvement. Metrocomp is also a franchised distributor for industry leading manufactures. AVL and BOM cost reduction is a specialty. From head office in southern England, the Metrocomp Group of companies supply semi conductors, memory, passive, e-mech and interconnect components, and support a wide customer base of OEMs, Contract Manufacturers and other Distributors. Global Sourcing (Spot Market, Shortages, Obsolete, Allocated) Strategic Purchasing (Last time buy, scheduled, safety stock) Excess Stock (Realisation of your Surplus Inventory) BOM Cost Reduction (Reduce your total acquisition costs) With offices around the World our staff speak English, Spanish, French, Italian, Swedish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean and Hindi. The only source you will ever need 5 reasons to use Metrocomp. Rapid global sourcing Quality assurance system, and China ''Goal keeper'' office Locations in 7 countries, and growing Proactive and transparent communication 20+ years industry experience Metrocomp assists our customers to eliminate delays, reduce costs and avoid production line stoppages and interruptions. Our greatest testament is our list of prestigious customers. Metrocomp components are used in Formula 1 cars, Boeing Aircraft and a Mars Orbiting Satellite.

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Address: 26, 2nd Floor, 2nd Cross Chairman Layout, Banaswadi Main Rd, Kalyan Nagar Post, City: Bengaluru State: Karnataka Pincode: 560043 Mobile Click Here To View Phone Number

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