Seshasayee Brothers (P) LTD.

11, Mettu Street, Karaimanagar, Kundrathur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600069

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SESHASAYEE BROTHERS(P)LTD established in 1925. Market Leader in Electro-Mechanical Components-Relays, Switches, Trimmer Potentiometers,Transistors,Diodes,Capacitors,Audio Visual Items etc.. Facilities located in heart of the chennai city. SESHASAYEE BROTHER strength lies in the stable foundation and experience built over the years, itsstrong human capital, its nation-wide network and its agility to adapt itself to change. With over a 84-year long track record as a dealer of sophisticated electronicdevices and systems, we presents itself in the global market as a one-stop-shop for electronicdevices and systems. We look forward to reaching out to customers wherever in the world they might be through this new medium, and hope to continue to provide high quality, high precision products to customers anywhere - always remaining their Right Connection. We Offer We offer the below mentioned products: Electromagnetics Relays,Micro and Key Board Switches & Connectors Silicon Transistors,Diodes & Zeners Electrolytic Capacitors,Ceramic Capacitors Ntc,piezo buzzers All types of Resistors Low Profile IC Sockets,Tin & Gold Plated OHP,ASP,White Writing Board,Notice Board,Laser Pointer Projector Screen,Projector Stand ,Projection Halogen Lamps OHP Transparencies,OHP Marker Pen,Board Marker Pen

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Address: 11, Mettu Street, Karaimanagar, Kundrathur, City: Chennai State: Tamil Nadu Pincode: 600069 Mobile Click Here To View Phone Number

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