Electrical Research & Development Association (ERDA)

ERDA Road, GIDC, Makarpura, Vadodara, Gujarat 390010

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ERDA is a premier Electrical & Power sector Research & Development Organisation of the nation providing services to the Power Sector in three technical areas of “Testing & Evaluation”, “Field Services”, and “R&D and Expert Services”. These services are provided through its 24 state-of-the-art centres located at its head office in Vadodara and three regional laboratories ERDA (West) – Navi Mumbai, ERDA (North) – Gurgaon and ERDA (South) – Rajahmundry. ERDA services more than 15,000 clients annually from India and abroad for nearly 150 electrical products under NABL, BIS & ASTA (USA) certification. A brief capability profile of ERDA under its three business verticals is presented below: 1. Testing & Evaluation - NABL Accredited & BIS Approved On-line Short Circuit Test Stations: 120kA, 575V – 1 Station & 50kA, 550V – 2 Stations (Short Circuit Test Capability for Transformers: 33kV, 4MVA; 22kV, 1 MVA; 11kV, 1.6 MVA) Impulse Generators 1600kVp, 80kJ – 2 Stations and 800kVp, 40kJ – 1 Station High Voltage Transformers 700kV and 600kV Temperature-Rise Test Facility upto 20kA for Switchgear Products Transformer Test Facility as per IS: 1180 for 33 kV, 2.5 MVA Class Transformers Time Current Characteristics upto 40kA for Switchgear Products Electrical Endurance Test upto 2.5kA at 690V for Switchgear Products Mechanical Endurance Test for HT Circuit Breakers upto 145 kV IP 40 Tonnes (IP 5X & 6X), (6.8m x 5.8m x 5.0m Chamber Size) Energy Meters including Smart Meters upto 200A Current Transformers upto 3200A, 0.05 Accuracy Class (Laboratory & Site) Voltage Transformers upto 220kV, 0.1 Accuracy Class (Laboratory) & upto 33 kV, 0.2 Accuracy Class (Site) Motors & Pump testing facility up to 150 HP Cable Test Facility for Type Tests, Acceptance Tests, & Routine Test upto 66kV Class Type Test Facility for Magnetic Laminations/CRGO Transformer Oil Testing, DGA & Furan Analysis Conductors upto 400kV Class Test Centre for Insulating Materials used in Transformers & other Power Equipment Bushings upto 72.5 kV Class Ceramic & Polymeric Insulators upto 400 kV Class Isolators up to 220 kV class Semi Anechoic EMI/EMC Chamber – 10m with 3 T Payload Turn Table Mirror Type ‘C’ Goniophotometer for Evaluation of LED based Lighting Systems & all types of Luminaires Facility for Evaluation of Solar Pumps up to 10 HP rating and Solar Inverters as per IS/IEC: 61683 (Solar Pump Testing Facility is Equipped with a Solar PV Array Simulator) Energy Meters including Smart Meters - Rating up to 200 A Evaluation of Appliances and IT/Electronic Products LT/HT Capacitors (LT: 0-1000V, 0-50 kVAr and HT: 0-8kV, 242 kVAr) Vibration Dampers Calibration Services (NABL Accredited) for electro-technical, thermal, optical & mechanical disciplines 2. Field Services 2.1 Onsite Testing of Transformers (100 MVA, 220kV Class) – NABL Accredited Testing using ERDA’s Calibrated Instruments. Power Transformers can be Tested for Routine & Temperature Rise tests 2.2 Third Party Inspection Third Party Inspection of all Types of Electrical Equipment including Power and Distribution Transformers, CTs, PTs, CVTs, Conductors, Bushings, Insulators, Cables, Circuit Breakers, Energy Meters, Relays, etc. Third Party Vendor Evaluation 2.3 Consultancy for Electric Transmission and Distribution Sector Projects ERDA is actively engaged as TPIEA in States of Goa & Chhattisgarh and as PMA in States of Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Kerala. Services offered include: Baseline AT & Class Verification under R-APDRP Distribution System Analysis and Improvement Reduction in Transmission Losses Impact Assessment under R-APRDP Project Management of T&D Projects Assessment of Agricultural Consumption Design of HVDS DPR Preparation Energy Audit Studies of Distribution Feeders Third Party Inspection, Supervision, and Monitoring of Projects Funded under Various Government Schemes - ADB, HVDS, IPDS, DDUGJY (erstwhile RGGVY), Feeder Separation, etc. 3. R&D and Expert Services 3.1 Research & Development R&D is focused on applied research for the benefit of power sector along with product/instrumentation development. R&D activities are carried out under the following technology missions: Advanced Materials Renewable Energy Diagnostics Power Systems & Smart Grid New Product Technologies 3.2 Expert Services Power System Stability and Power System Dynamics Power Quality Assessment & Mitigation Solutions Electrical Diagnostics (Transformers, Cables, Switchyard Equipment, Lightning Arresters, etc.) Energy Audits NDT/RLA & Mechanical Diagnostics Failure Analysis of Systems/Equipment/Components Health Index for Power Transformers

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Testing & certification Agencies(BIS, UL,etc)

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Address: ERDA Road, GIDC, Makarpura, City: Vadodara State: Gujarat Pincode: 390010 Mobile Click Here To View Phone Number

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Testing & certification Agencies(BIS, UL,etc)