Keysight Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

Unit No. 404-A, Corporate One, Plot No.5, Non-Hierarchical Commercial Centre, New Delhi, Delhi 110025

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Rs 3333 mn
Products/Services:Measurement solutions for Electronics and Communications. High performance, affordable test instruments such as hand-held and bechtop Oscilloscopes, as hand-held and bechtop Multimeters, Power supplies and Function generators. LCR and impedance analyzers, RF and Microwave instruments like Spectrum analysers, Sources, Power meters, Frequency counters, Network analysers, RF and microwave systems like EMC test systems, Phase noise measurement systems, Switches, Amplifiers and microwave accessories, Component test systems, Receivers, Signal analysis systems, High frequency EDA solution, Digital design and test instruments like Logic analysers, Pulse/data generators, Emulation solutions, Telecom test instruments like SDH, ATM, IP analysers, Lightwave and Fiberoptic test, Signalling analysers, DSL testers, Cable TV analysers, Telecom management systems like SS7 and fiber network management systems. Measurement solutions for Wireless, Wireline and Emerging Communication technologies like WiMAX, WLAN, Bluetooth, UWB. Country Genl Mgr: Parmeet Ahuja; Gnl Mgr - Mktg: Gautam Awasthi.

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Address: Unit No. 404-A, Corporate One, Plot No.5, Non-Hierarchical Commercial Centre, City: New Delhi State: Delhi Pincode: 110025 Mobile Click Here To View Phone Number

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