Lampex Electronics Ltd.

No.6-2/231/B, Kukatpally., Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh 500072

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Rs 394 mn
Lampex is a business solutions provider with a global focus. Manufacture of LCDs , LCD modules, Semiconductors have been its thrust area since its inception in 1991. Its recent foray into the information Technology sectors, through Embedded Systems and software development is in tune with its plans for globalization and lateral expansion. State of the art technology and infrastructure, cutting-edge tools and techniques proactive RandD sound HR backbone, astute management and marketing strategy have together helped lampex establish itself as a leading player in the global mark

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Display Modules, LCD | Embedded Systems | Printer Mechanisms | Printers, Mini

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Address: No.6-2/231/B, Kukatpally., City: Hyderabad State: Andhra Pradesh Pincode: 500072 Mobile Click Here To View Phone Number

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Display Modules, LCD

Embedded Systems

Printer Mechanisms

Printers, Mini