LWI Electronics Inc.

No.62,14th Cross, 1st Block, R.T. Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560032

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Live Wire Informatics Inc., an organisation that has grown to become the preferred independent distributor of choice to numerous customers. Since 1999, LWI has built a reputation for itself as a highly reliable provider of service and products. LWI is committed to customer satisfaction that is reflected in each aspect of business activity, be it interacting and negotiating with manufacturers or maintenance of inventory, sales or customer service. The adoption of innovative and practical approach to independent distribution enables LWI to deliver on its promise of quality consistently in time. The major contributing factor to LWI''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s success as an independent stocking distributor of electronic components has been the maintenance of substantial product inventory from the world''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s finest manufacturers. The state-of-the-art system adopted at LWI provides access to a huge database of components and manufacturers, which enables sourcing of worldwide availability of components. A full time technical support and in-house engineering staff helps the customers choose the correct devices for their varied needs. Not to speak of the availability of latest components, LWI stocks highly allocated and obsolete products in electronic components, integrated circuits and semiconductors. LWI draws products from several international inventories, allowing it to fulfill requirements on a global basis irrespective of local supply limitations. This has been possible through the strong roots in international market place in the supply end of the component industry. The experience and technical expertise available at LWI often proves to be a major resource to its clients. Products that might not be available with the manufacturers are often found in the in-house inventory that LWI maintains of the international inventories that LWI has access to. Yet another practice adopted at LWI towards addressing customer needs and customer satisfaction is the LWI Blanket Purchase Agreement. This make LWI maintain active inventory of its client base in order to maximize the service. The Blanket Purchase Agreement is an arrangement where LWI will inventory the product for a client in advance of the requirement to ensure timely delivery. In addition, this guarantees the clients to obtain components at best prices based on volume negotiations and discounts, guaranteed delivery dates and no downtime in addition to low inventory costs for our clients.

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Address: No.62,14th Cross, 1st Block, R.T. Nagar, City: Bengaluru State: Karnataka Pincode: 560032 Mobile Click Here To View Phone Number

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