Meco Instruments Pvt Ltd

Plot No. EL-1, MIDC Electronic Zone, T.T.C. Industrial Area, Mahape, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400710

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Rs 147.57 mn
Mfr : Electronic and Electrical measuring and testing instruments and Transducers : Analog panel and Switchboard meters, Milliammeters and ammeters, Four parameter meters, Digital ammeters, Micro ammeters, Digital panel meters and modules, Capacitance meters and testers, LCD display devices, LED display devices, Earth resistance meters, Digital indicators, AC current / voltage transducers, DC isolation transducers, Line frequency transducers, Power line transducers, Test and Measuring instruments, Digital volt – amp – watt meters, Volt – amp meters, Volt – ohm meters, Analogue voltmeters, Milli voltmeters, Watt meters, Digital watt meters, Digital multimeters, Clamp On meters, Tong testers, Digital clampmeters, Clamp – on earth Ground resistance, Leakage current testers, Clamp – On earth testers, Clamp – On power meters ( Load analysers ), Clamp – On current transformers, Analog insulation / Earth testers ( meggars / meters ), Digital insulation / Earth testers ( meggars / meters ), Ohmmeters and Megaohmmeters, Milli ohmmeters, Clamp – On CT’s, Flexible AC current probe, Digital power analysers, Power factor meters, Leakage current meters, Digital energy meters ( watt), Energy audit and Load management systems, Power line supervisors, Universal power meters / Load analysers, Energy auditors, Energy monitors, Power analysers, Clamp – On power leakage and Harmonics analysers, Harmonic tester, Power monitors / controllers, Millivolt / Milliamps calibrators, Front panel instruments, Frequency – voltage convertors, Universal calibrators, 3 Phase calibrators, AC Multifunctional calibrators, Electric energy – saving tester, Educational desk meters, Multifunction process calibrator, Digital thermometers and probes. Managing Director : Mr. Premchand P. Goliya. Chief Executive Officer : Mr. Kamal P. Goliya.

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Address: Plot No. EL-1, MIDC Electronic Zone, T.T.C. Industrial Area, Mahape, City: Mumbai State: Maharashtra Pincode: 400710 Mobile Click Here To View Phone Number

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