UHLED India Inc.

L/L-11, Iscon Mega Mall, S.G Highway., Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380054

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Manufacturer, Reseller
UHLED INDIA INC. is well known dealer and now manufacturer in a series of world class LED Display Systems. Moreover, we are also an eminent service provider, offering a plethora of related services, thereby ensuring that we harbor a wide base of satisand#64257;ed clients spread all across the world. We are responsible for all our products for the duration of two years and provide a lifetime maintenance with very competitive prices. We provide an excellent after-sales service, which contains free training, for more convenience and free consultation lifetime with on-line full support, and we will inspect our products which have been sold periodically.

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Address: L/L-11, Iscon Mega Mall, S.G Highway., City: Ahmedabad State: Gujarat Pincode: 380054 Mobile Click Here To View Phone Number

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